Then and Now; One


  Francisco Terrace by Frank Lloyd Wright 1895 While cleaning out some of my bookshelves I came across The Life and Works of Frank Lloyd Wright -Thomas A. Heinz (ISBN 1-58663-765-7) It was page 286 that caught my attention. Francisco Terrace; ”Wright was as innovative in his designs for low-cost housing as he was for expensive estates intended for the wealthy. At Francisco Terrace, he kept the bedrooms separate form the other … Read More →

2018 S.R.J.C Walking Tour Guide.


Historical Walking Tours April  24, May- 1,8,15,22  Thursday Evenings 4:30-6:30 Presented by Mark Parry of Idea Studios (544-4344)   References:   Peterson:  Santa Rosa’s Architectural Heritage LaBaron: Santa Rosa: A Nineteenth century Town LaBaron: Santa Rosa: A Twentieth Century City McAlester: Field Guide to American Houses Sennett: Flesh & Stone Dostof: The City Shaped Reps: The Making of Urban America Struss & Howe: Generations-the history of Americas future   Schedule … Read More →

A Heroic Family

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Cal Fireman  Dominik Schwab and his parent’s Leo & Mira Schwab received Santa Rosa’s sixth and seventh fire reconstruction permit Friday January 18th  @  12:00 pm over the counter  after 2 hours with  plan check engineer Mathew Godinez.  Dominick is a true a hero. He waited out the Tubs fire in his Coffee Park home because he had put on it a metal roof and thought it might survive. But when … Read More →

Lawrence Simons FAIA – Retires

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Larry Simmons FAIA  turned 80 in May of 2017 and liquidated his extensive real-estate holdings. He retired from architectural practice and development in February of 2017. It was a process that most likely took years to plan and execute. However Larry in his signature modesty did not talk about it much. You can read more in the Press Democrat article here. Larry is perhaps the most significant Sonoma County architect … Read More →