Artisan Architecture: A design and building alliance.

al·li·ance   /əˈlīəns/

1. A union or association formed for mutual benefit, esp. between countries or organizations.
2. A relationship based on an affinity in interests, nature, or qualities: “an alliance between medicine and morality”.

Synonyms: union – league – association

A definition of Artisan Architectures’ design/build alliances.

Artisan architecture is an inclusive alliance formed between the practitioners of the art and craft of construction. It is formed for the sake of excellence in the design and execution of buildings. It is a synergistic interdependent team approach. The teams are formed based on trust, respect and a commitment to unimpeachable integrity. Honor is extended to each team member with particular respect for their realm of skill, talent, and expertise.

All human character remains flawed while yet developing, we are all imperfect. We each subscribe to and aspire to these tenants. These are shared values, goals and principals not simply words.

The project definition and management documents, agreements and standard operating procedures for the execution and documentation of the work of design, project management and construction will be posted on this site. Also included will be standards of professional care, courtesy and commitment.

Subscribers will be authorized to purchase these documents after an investigation into the principles, practices and policies for their use. Mutual agreement regarding the standards of professional care as noted on this site is a pre-requisite for subscription and inclusion in the Artisan Architecture guild of architects, artisans, designers, constructors, craftsmen, fabricators or material manufactures.

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