Besides the name of this Web site we submit for your consideration and comment that….
  • Artisan Architecture is the product of an approach to design and construction. It is based on particular presuppositions. This is an attempt to codify them. The root principals create a distinctive architecture one that celebrates the art and craft of building. It is created by artisan architects; artisan builders, craftsmen and manufacturers of superior products. We advance that artisan architects and artisan builders tend to adhere to the following principals.
  1. Building is an art and a craft requiring skill and talent not a technological expression of precision of mechanics.
  2. Artisan buildings are part of a historic continuum not a singular expression of an artist or of technologies.
  3. Artisan Architecture requires skill talent and commitment to a singular vision and the participants in the process of design and construction subordinate their own personal vision to that of the whole.
  4. Artisan Architecture is created when the whole becomes greater than the sum of it’s parts. The parts include but are not limited too the skills of the craftsmen/ builders, contributing artisans, materials & technologies; industry products used, and the intentions of the creators; this includes those who commissioned the work of architecture.
  5. Building is a social and community expression that should reflect the values, goals and ideals of the greater community it is part of.
  6. Artisan Architecture is in a context and subordinates itself to that context to participate in it not dominate it. This includes cultural, environmental, and social determinants.
  7. Artisan Architecture is a team achievement not an individualistic expression of any singular artist or contributor in the process.
  8. The best of Artisan Architecture transcends mere fashion,fad or the vagaries of  historic “styles” and creates a singular timeless expression of the art and craft of architecture.  A premier artist architect Frank Lloyd Wright said ” I do not design in style I design with style”.  Artisan architects and builders imbue traditional, non traditional and recognizable architectural styles with something uniquely their own no matter what the “style” of the work.
  9. Artisan Architecture is a personal expression of craftsmanship, skill and artistry subordinated to the values, goals and ideals of the whole particularly of the patron who commissioned it.