Wm. Mark Parry is a practicing architect and enthusiastic educator in architectural history and design practice. He founded Idea Studios ( in 1988 and in 2012. He has designed and executed over 600 works.

His practice has been 30% historic architectural services, 50% moderate-to-high-end custom homes and transformative renovations, and 20% specialty commercial and hospitality. Mark’s education with Arizona State University and internship and staff position with the Frank Lloyd Wright foundation established his sustainable- site driven design principles.

Mark is a third-generation Artisan Architect having been the last associate of Calvin C Straub, F.A.I.A. A prominent architect and educator who was raised in the Pasadena Arroyo Craftsmen era, Cal personally knew Wright, the Green Brothers, and R.M. Schindler. After receiving an example set of construction documents from Richard Nuetra Cal started designing houses while teaching at USC. He advanced arts and crafts tenants through his internationally known Mid-Century Modernism, Extensive publications in Sunset Magazine, as a leader of and participant in Art’s and Architecture’s Case Study Program. He received over 30 design awards while a Professor of Architecture USC and ASU. He inspired thousands of students with his joviality and contagious passion for life and architecture. He was a gift to the world.

Mark believes real passion for architecture is caught, not taught. He shares his love of architectural history and the reality of accomplishing true architecture through his seminars, lectures, courses and architectural practice.

Educational Endeavors;

Mr. Parry is adjunct faculty at Santa Rosa Junior College. He has taught World Architecture and short seminar courses through SRJC community education.  These have included annul Historic Walking Tours through Santa Rosa Historic Districts, ABC’s of Remodeling, Insiders Guide to Design and Construction, Survey of Residential Architecture, Architecture Mirror of the Times, and Preserving our Architectural Heritage.

He has taught semi annually at Sonoma State University’s College of Extended and International Education Effective Design and Construction Team Leadership for it’s Construction Management Certificate Program.

Seminars Offered:
Ideal for architects, contractors, engineers, design or building industry professionals.

Effective Design & Construction Team Leadership

A one-day summary of a 13-week course offered through the Sonoma State Constructing Management certificate program. The seminar focuses on the critical issues of creating healthy team dynamics and communications, navigating critical conversations, and the appropriate integration of the roles and responsibilities of all players on the construction field.

Historic Preservation and the California Historic Building Code

A seminar outlining the key issues of the preservation industry and the Historic Building Code including a brief history of the preservation movement and its significant issues.

Prepared for and endorsed by the Redwood Empire Association of Code Officials (RECO)

Architectural History and Preservation Issues
The following seminar courses are prepared as survey courses of major issues or topics. They can be presented as a summary in 1.5-3 hours or as full coursework:

1) Architecture Mirror of the Times:
A course outlining the development of the styles of residential architecture in America. The social, political, and economic factors impacting various styles and plans of residential architecture are discussed. The key elements that become identifiers of character-defining elements are reviewed. The course is based on photographs from the instructor’s collection gathered through extensive national travel.

2) Preserving our Architectural Heritage:
A course outlining the history, key issues, and processes of the preservation movement. Includes federal, state, and local governing bodies, a short introduction to the California Historic Building Code, and a brief survey of residential style of architecture.

3) Frank Lloyd Wright: Man, Myth, and Architecture:
A short course designed to review the dramatic life, times, and architecture of the most famous American architect. A review of his work and life, as well as excerpts from famous interviews and documentaries on the man. This look at his work seeks to touch the reality of the man, the power of the myth, and the beauty of his architecture. Based on the presenters involvement with the Frank Lloyd Wright foundation and decades of research and interest in F.L. Wright’s work