Artisan Architects are a distinctive group of practitioners of the Art and Craft of building and warrant recognition as such. They may or may not be recognized by the academic branches of architecture. They may be included in other regional, historic, or defined as practitioners of other styles of architecture besides “arts and crafts”. Yet their work satisfies a sufficient number of criteria that establishes the architect as an Artisan Architect.

Following is a partial list of what we consider Artisan Architects. You may comment on these, provide additions that will be added should they meet our criteria. Your contributions should include images, examples of work or drawings and an explanation of how their work satisfies our basic criteria for contribution to the guild of artisan architects. They must align with our definition of what artisan architecture is (link to what is artisan architecture) and their work must satisfy the criteria that establishes an architect as an artisan architect.

We will provide information to suggest that the following Architects are part of the pantheon of Artisan Architects.

Andre Palladio
Bernard MayBeck
Calvin C Straub
Carlo Scarpa
Frank Lloyd Wright
Julia Morgan
Willis Polk
William & Henry Green