“Preserving Our Architectural Heritage” by North Bay Architect, Mark Parry aia,csi,sah. This November 19th League Salon on key issues and processes of preservation will be at the Maysonnave House. The Salon begins at 7:00 p.m. and includes snacks and a glass of wine. As with all League Salons, Mr. Parry will welcome questions and discussion; donations of $10 per adult non-League members are requested.

Wm. Mark Parry AIA, CSI, SAH is a practicing architect and enthusiastic educator in architectural history and design practice. Parry’s portfolio of environmentally sensitive and contextually appropriate architectural works include historic renovation and preservation, moderate to high-end custom residences, transformative renovations and specialty commercial and hospitality projects.

for more info see: http://sonomaleague.org/sonoma-history-event-calendar.html