Santa Rosa JC Community Education Course by Mark Parry

Wed. & Thu. September 25-26, 6:30 PM-8:30 PM
4245 Frank P. Doyle Library, Santa Rosa Campus

The AIA recognized Frank Lloyd Wright as ‘the greatest American Architect of all time’ 32 years after his death.

They waited that long because Wright said that of himself and they were not pleased. He preferred ‘honest arrogance to hypocritical humility.’ Wright’s radical and dramatic life changed our society and our architecture.

The father of ‘organic architecture,’ his sustainable design principles and natural aesthetic remain cutting edge today 54 years after his death. Wright lived a romantic life espousing ‘truth against the world.’ He lived his truth and the world is not the same.

Born a Victorian a few years after the civil war, he died a few years before the first man walked on the moon. Yet he and his wife founded one of the first non-religious spiritual artistic communities. His architecture freed brick and stone from plaster, wood from paint, and glass from frames. He was the first rock star American artist using TV and all current forms of media for a singular purpose, ‘the flowering of mankind was his goal and architecture his tool.’

Explore the man, the myth, and his architecture, and understand why over 1,000 books have been written about his fascinating life, times, and work. Register here!