Historical Walking Tours

June 16,23, 30 July- 7,14  Tuesday Evenings 6:30-8:30

Presented by Mark Parry of Idea Studios (544-4344)





Peterson:  Santa Rosa’s Architectural Heritage

LaBaron: Santa Rosa: A Nineteenth century Town

LaBaron: Santa Rosa: A Twentieth Century City

McAlester: Field Guide to American Houses

Sennett: Flesh & Stone

Dostof: The City Shaped

Reps: The Making of Urban America

Struss & Howe: Generations-the history of Americas future


Schedule of Classes

1.     June 16rd Downtown – Cherry St. (meet at pavilion @ fountain, courthouse square, Park in 5th St. Garage @ Pedersons)

2.     June 23th Railroad square – B St. (Meet at S.C.Museum 7th St. Park @ Macy’s garage)

3.     June 30th       Burbank Gardens – Olive St. (Meet at fountain SE corner Sonoma Ave.& Mendo. Ave. Park on Sonoma Ave.)

4.     July 7th         J C. area- Ridgway Historic District (meet at S.R. High front lawn-park @ RidgwaySchool. on Ridgway Ave.)

5.     July 14 th       McDonald Ave- Proctor terrace area (meet at SW corner McDonald & Pacific. Park on McDonald Ave. S.W. Corner.)