SRJC. Historical Walking Tour


April 21,28 th  & May  5,12,19th Tuesday Evenings  5:30- 7:30

Presented by Mark Parry aia,csi,sah (

This course is for those interested in architecture, history, and the development of our community. We will discuss styles of architecture and the societal and political influences that have shaped our city. Take a thought-provoking stroll through the heart of Santa Rosa including Court House Square/Cherry Street district; Railroad Square/B Street district; Burbank Gardens/liard Park; Ridgway and SRJC district; McDonald Avenue.

Santa Rosa Ca. 1890’s


Peterson:  Santa Rosa’s Architectural Heritage

LaBaron: Santa Rosa: A Nineteenth century Town

LaBaron: Santa Rosa: A Twentieth Century City

McAlester: Field Guide to American Houses

Sennett: Flesh & Stone

Dostof: The City Shaped

Reps: The Making of Urban America

Struss & Howe: Generations-the history of Americas future

Schedule of Classes

1.   April 21rd Downtown – Cherry St. (meet Court House Square, tables near the   Empire building below the clock  tower,  Park in 5th St. Garage @ Pedersons)
2.   April 28th Railroad square – B St. (Meet at S.C.Museum 7th St. Park @ Macy’s garage)
3.   May 5th Burbank Gardens – Olive St. (Meet at fountain SE corner Sonoma Ave.& Mendo. Ave. Park  on Sonoma Ave.)
4.    May 7th-    J C. area- Ridgway Historic District (meet at S.R. High front lawn-park @ RidgwaySchool on Ridgway  Ave.)
5.    May 19th       McDonald Ave- Proctor terrace area (meet at SW corner McDonald & Pacific.  First .                Presbyterian, Park on McDonald Ave. S.W. Corner.)