The following menu of courses can be presented as 45-60 minute summaries or introductions to the course content, two to six hour seminars of full courses for higher educational institutions.

Wm. Mark Parry is a practicing architect and passionate educator in Architectural history, design and construction team leadership and the practice of  Artisan Architecture.

A printable PDF is here: Seminars and Coursework 2014

Mark Parry Architect and Architectural Historian presents:

A menu of courses presented as 45-60 minuet summaries; 2-6 hour seminars or full courses. 

Effectively Design and Construction Team Leadership:

Construction Management certificate program, Sonoma State University.

This seminar outlines the principles that define highly effective team leadership.  Strategies are presented for the development of highly effective teams, clear communications, solid relationships and navigating crucial conversations.  Effective design and construction team leadership demystifies design and construction team dynamics, suggesting ways to eliminate the adversarial positioning, and reveal the dynamics that create synergy and high levels of cooperation between construction professionals.

 Historic Preservation and the California Historic Building Code:

A seminar outlining the key issues of the preservation industry and the Historic Building Code; includes a brief history of the preservation movement and its significant issues. Prepared for and endorsed by the Redwood Empire Association of Code Officials (RECO)

Architecture the Mirror of the Times:

 A course outlining the development of the styles of residential architecture in America (1700-2014).

Looks at how social, political, economics and technologies impact the development of the design of residential architecture. Included is the identification of character-defining elements that determine architectural style according to era.

 Preserving our Architectural Heritage:  

A course outlining the history, key issues, and processes of the preservation movement; includes federal, state, and local governing bodies, a short introduction to the California Historic Building Code, and a brief survey of residential styles of architecture.

Brainerd Jones Architect:

From 1901-1940 Brainerd Jones was the architect who “built Petaluma”.  Approximately 75% of

downtown Petaluma was designed or renovated by Mr. Jones, who also has seven properties on the National Register of Historic Places.

 Frank Lloyd Wright: Man, Myth, and Architecture:

A short course designed to review the dramatic life, times, and architecture of the most famous American architect, comprising a review of Wright’s work and life, as well as excerpts from famous interviews and documentaries. This looks at his work, seeks to touch the reality of the man, the power of the myth, and the beauty of the architecture.

Streams of Architectural thought:

Architecture is the ordering of materials, methods of construction and building systems according to particular ideas.  This seminar presents a summary of the streams of ideas that define the architectural aesthetics of our current built environment.


  • 2018 S.R.J.C Walking Tour Guide.

    Historical Walking Tours
    April  24, May- 1,8,15,22  Thursday Evenings 4:30-6:30
    Presented by Mark Parry of Idea Studios (544-4344)

    Peterson:  Santa Rosa’s Architec…

  • A Heroic Family

    Cal Fireman  Dominik Schwab and his parent’s Leo & Mira Schwab received Santa Rosa’s sixth and seventh fire reconstruction permit Friday January 18th  @  12:00 pm over the counter  after 2…

  • Architecture Mirror of the Times 2018


    Architecture: Mirror of the Times (Canceled)2/13-3/13 2018 SRJC Community Education

    Historic and Contemporary Architecture from 1637-2018

    A SRJC Interactive Discussion moderated by Ma…

  • Julia Morgan: “Artistry in Architecture” May 18th 2016-7:00 pm



    Artistry in Architecture: Julia Morgan                                     

    At talk with the Cloverdale Historical Society

    May 18th 2016 @ 7:00 Pm.: Cl…

  • Sonoma Leauge Salon 11/19/2015 with Mark Parry

    “Preserving Our Architectural Heritage” by North Bay Architect, Mark Parry aia,csi,sah. This November 19th League Salon on key issues and processes of preservation will be at the Maysonnave House. The…

  • SRJC. Course “Architecture Mirror of the Times”… 2-9-2016...

    Architecture is a mirror of the social, economic and technical advances of its day.  Looking through the eyes of an Architectural Historian, with an interest in social, political, economic and build…



  • Energy Efficiency in Historic Architecture

    To understand the appropriate treatment of Historic Architecture, one must consider its foundational efficiencies. The true value of historic architecture is in preservation of its original condit…

  • Then and Now; One


    Francisco Terrace by Frank Lloyd Wright 1895

    While cleaning out some of my bookshelves I came across The Life and Works of Frank Lloyd Wright -Thomas A. Heinz (ISBN 1-58663-765-7) It…

  • Lawrence Simons FAIA – Retires

    Larry Simmons FAIA  turned 80 in May of 2017 and liquidated his extensive real-estate holdings. He retired from architectural practice and development in February of 2017. It was a process that m…

  • Frank Gehry and the power of encouragement.








    This is a story about the influence and power of mentors on our lives and the world around us.

    I had the honor of b…

  • Zaha Hadid enters history….

    We lost Zaha Hadid: Thursday March 24 2016 she was 65.  You can read more here.

    She considered herself one who “pushes boundaries” yet as one who still respects traditional architecture, I think t…

  • Calvin C. Straub FAIA (1920-1998)

    Calvin Chester Straub FAIA (1920–1998) was an American born architect who made a significant impact on architecture through design and education. His modesty, confidence, and passion for lif…


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