Historic Architecture is a source book for developing future ideas, or preserving the best of previous ones. Ada Louise Huxtable wrote in the New York Times on February 5th 1978 that.

“Every Age cuts and pastes history to suite its own purposes; art always has an ax to grind. Classical Rome became the Renaissance in the eyes of the fifteenth century. Every great artist is re-created in the chosen image of a particular time. No “historic reconstruction” is ever really true to the original; there is neither the desire nor the courage to embrace another’s taste….Fortunately, great art contains enough to satisfy each generations needs, and there is always pleasure in the process of rediscovery.”

We are amassing an image bank for the rediscovery of the good and the best of residential architecture in America. We have organized the library based on the indexes of the Field Guided to American houses by Virginia & Lee McAlester & American Architecture by Carole Rifkin with additions and subtractions as necessary.

Architecture is a continuously developing form. It is impacted by technology, economies, taste and values.It’s adjustments tend to occur every 10-20 years. Transitions in style occur slowly watch carefully it goes on continuously.

The images presented may or may not be of works specific to the actual dates considered for the era but the ideas and sensibilities are contemporary to or reflective of the times noted.